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September 11, 2020

Topeka, Kansas U.S.A.

Award-winning playwright Marcia Cebulska’s novel, WATCHING MEN DANCE, was scheduled to debut at Washburn University’s Mulvane Art Museum but, when COVID-19 struck, plans had to change. “Now I’m loving the idea of how readers from all around the world can attend,” says Cebulska. The live-streamed event will take place on September 24 from 7:30-8:30 pm, CST, and will include an account of the author’s journey illustrated by travel photos and music, Cebulska reading from the novel, a conversation with the publisher, and audience Q and A. Advance sign-up with Zoom is required: WMD LAUNCH!

WATCHING MEN DANCE provides a fantastic opportunity for restless folks who are aching for a get-away. The main character is a photographer who struggles with her love of adventure versus her need for home and family. To write the book, Cebulska called upon her life experiences of traveling solo by horseback in Chile, living on a Greek island, being project director of a race relations study in Seattle, her relationship with a Native American dancer, and her being a mom. Cebulska’s editor describes the novel: “Funny, sexy, and emotionally impactful, WATCHING MEN DANCE is a celebration of difference, the story of a magical attraction, a collision of cultures, and an enduring love between a budding photographer with a huge appetite for life and a Makah Indian dancing on a city street.” The book is being released by Flint Hills Publishing and the cover art was painted by Topeka artist, Barbara Waterman-Peters.

Kansans may be familiar with Cebulska’s plays which have been performed at thousands of venues worldwide. Her screenplay THROUGH MARTHA’S EYES was aired on PBS, her play NOW LET ME FLY commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board decision was directed by Academy-Award winner Kevin Willmott.

WATCHING MEN DANCE is available on Amazon and independent bookstores, including The Raven in Lawrence.

Promotional electronic copies of WATCHING MEN DANCE are available by contacting Cebulska’s representative at Flint Hills Publishing:


Cebulska is available for interviews.




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