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Watching Men Dance is the story of a marriage: simple and complex, lonely and overcrowded, exasperating and fulfilling.



Watching Men Dance is a feast for the senses, a celebration of cultural diversity, and a compelling read, at once both humorous and moving.

She is a wanderer; he will not fly. She is a city girl; he prefers a bison ranch. She grew up in her father’s Greek restaurant; he dances at powwows. Ava and Jesse travel life together in a turquoise pickup truck, feasting along the way. They settle, raise children, cheat, gamble, and fight with great gusto. When Ava leaves to travel around Greece like a female Odysseus, their bond is tested.

Ava, the captivating main character, embodies an engaging zest for life as she struggles between her pull to adventure and her need for home and family. Jesse, the Native dancer she falls in love with, challenges her beliefs and commitments.

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Marcia Cebulska 


Marcia Cebulska is an award-winning novelist, playwright, and screenwriter whose work has been read and performed internationally. 


"Rich characters who easily and convincingly come to life.”

"Lively wit, sympathy and understanding…beautifully crafted…full blown and fleshed out."

“Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always meaningful."

Paul Sturm,

Harriet Glazier, ARTS INSIGHT 

Corbin Patrick,

Why Do I Write? 


I Write Because...

  • It helps me make sense of my life.

  • I believe creativity to be one of human beings' greatest gifts.

  • It makes me feel like I have goddess-like power and outrageous fun at the same time.

  • I have a strong need to communicate.

  • I have a strong need to communicate artfully.

  • Every once in a while, I get a note from a reader or audience member saying:

    • "Your play changed my life."

    • "I laughed so hard! Thank you. Thank you."

    • "That was my life up there--how did you know?"

    • “I love this book so much that I could not put it down.”

  • When I don't write, I feel adrift, cranky, and miserable.

  • It's my own lame effort to change the world.

  • I like to invent words. And worlds.

  • Writing's got me by the heart, the brain, the neck and it won't let go.

Marcia Cebulska, Topeka, KS, playwright and author - photo by Ann Palmer, 3a 250px.jpg
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